aleagraphs by Max Welker

What is an aleagraph?

These images are just a sample of what photographer/musician/educator Max Welker has
been able to create, using his unique blend of skills, artistry, patience, and a little bit of luck.   The word aleagraph takes it's root from the Latin
alea, which means dice. (As in throw of the dice).
This refers to the random aspect of how these images are generated. At certain moments of natural instability such as rain or snow storms, solar flares or sun spot activity or who knows what (?), the satellite tv image is impacted in many strange and fantastic ways, captured here, via the photographic process. In other words, these images are as fickle as the weather, totally unique and one-of-a-kind.

                   aleagraph:  the random impact of natural forces (i.e. heavy weather) on the visual image (satellite tv), captured in real time via the photographic process.       





  Be the proud owner of one (or more) of these fine art prints.
   Stretched, gallery wrapped canvases (w/hanger) come ready for hanging. If you prefer to do your own framing, prints are available on archival paper (smooth or textured).
   For ordering and pricing info, call:
MPW Studios (301-528-6950)

music: max welker plays bumble bee boogie
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