aleagraphs by Max Welker

About the Artist

       Washington, D.C. native Max Welker (aka Maxwell Kerr) lives alone in his artsy-fartsy loft with 30 guitars, 300 Hawaiian shirts, a dog, a cat, a goat, and a squid. He routinely receives secret transmissions from outer space on his 60" Mitsubishi hi-def TV, photographs them with his trusty Nikon CoolPix P90, teaches them how to behave and dresses them nicely, makes them really big, scribbles his name on them so everyone will know from whence they came, and then sells them to very smart people who know good art when they see it. They are then proudly displayed on the walls and halls of purveyors of all things fine and beautiful everywhere, who turn to their family and friends as they point to the aleagraphs hanging there and quote Maxwell Kerr, "A man can never have too many guitars or Hawaiian shirts!"

       Coming soon: coffee table books featuring the guitars and Hawaiian shirts of Maxwell Kerr (not to mention aleagraphs).  Stay tuned...


  Maxwell Kerr - MPW Studios


max plays jubbie's jump
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