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           Aleagraphs by Maxwell Kerr, Hardcover, 13" x 11", 75 full color plates - $94.95

       This beautiful coffee table book is full of fantastic images representative of the works of artist/musician Maxwell Kerr. His innovative technique blends photographic realism with the abstract expressionism that is the random byproduct of his "aleagraphs". What is an aleagraph? The random influence of natural forces (i.e. heavy weather) on the visual image (satellite TV), captured in real time via the photographic process. Because chance plays such an important role in the creation of these images ("alea" is Latin for "dice" as in "roll of the dice"), they truly are unique and one-of-a-kind. Like catching lightning in a bottle, Maxwell Kerr gives you visions from the ether, other-worldly scenes or just vibrant colors (over 16 million!).  Whatever your fancy, "Aleagraphs" makes a fantastic and unusual gift, deserving a spot on any coffee table, sure to spark comments like "How on earth did he do that?"....

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  Also available in a larger size - 15" x 13" - 50 full color plates, same price.
      Order directly from the artist, will sign per your request.

     MPW Studios - Germantown, Maryland   20874     301-528-6950

Maxssaxs - Max Welker
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